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“Another Capital Fund Screenplay Competition Script Entry Sold”

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Capital Fund Screenplay Competition Script Entry Sold

Congratulations to Robert Dan O ́Neill. Robert recently entered the competition and ordered script coverage at the same time. Professional coverage was completed by the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition, returned to the entrant, revisions were made, and now the script is sold!

We love getting emails like his below, best of luck Robert.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’ve to inform you that my screenplay as mentioned above is now sold, and regarding to the contest rules, I’m no longer eligible for the contest! 
Thank you very much for being a participant in this great contest, and thank you very much for your excellent and professional feedback. It has helped me a lot!  

Again, thank you so much, all the best for you and best of luck to all the participants!

Robert Dan O ́Neill

“Congratulations and you’re very welcome for the coverage, we’re glad it helped. We have been getting all positive feedback on the coverage notes from others as well so we would like to ask if we may include your compliment with the others when we add a few to the site.

It would be much appreciated in helping other writers who are looking for good coverage but are not sure where to get it.”

Yes, absolutely! I would be honored! Thank you very much!

All the best for you the Staff and to all the participants!  🙂

See some of Robert’s accomplishments here on IMDB.


Other contest entrants that ordered coverage remarked:

I want to thank you for the script notes. The staff was perfectly on mark with all of their notes, suggestions, and analysis of this screenplay. This has been a wonderful and insightful experience, and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity.

I will definitely be using the coverage service again, not to mention making all the changes to this script as suggested, and entering the competition next year with a new project!

All the best, Calvin Smith

Hello all,

I got exciting news today!  I just found out that my original TV Pilot, Civil Rising, was chosen as an Official Finalist for the American Movie Awards!  I’m very honored and excited and I’ll get to attend a gala in Las Vegas next month! The coverage really helped me tremendously!!!  I will spread the word to my friends for sure. 

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement about my writing!  Also, thank you for your feedback from your site.  It was very helpful, especially compared to others I have used previously.  I highly recommend it!

Kimberly Jade Tompkins

See some of Kimberly’s accomplishments here on IMDB.

Dear CFSC,

I have yet to find such excellent coverage as yours, having been in development I can tell the difference. Yours is like that of studio film/tv devel with no bs and not unemployed writers working as readers I have gotten elsewhere. Finally feel like I didn’t waste my money on coverage. Thank you.

Lee Reppert

Awesome notes thank you very much!

Clark D. Schaefer
SitkaBlu Productions

See some of Clark’s accomplishments here on IMDB.

Frustration, frustration, frustration. If you’re a screenplay reader, you’re very familiar with this word. You send your screenplay to this reader and that reader etc. and so on. Initially you get constructive criticism which helps you improve your work. Finally, you reach the point where you know your screenplay is near perfect. You send it to be read, just knowing you’ll get a good rating. Wrong. It comes back with this needs to be done and that needs to be done, but you know for a fact- this and that does NOT need to be done.

Then it dawns on you. Of course they’re going to find fault. It’s their job. If they don’t find fault, you’re not going to pay for further readings. Your money stays in your pocket- not theirs.

Then I found Capital Fund Screenplay Contest. I submitted my screenplay and the reader did a fantastic and thorough job. For the first time ever, I knew this reader had read the entire script and not just scanned through it.

Of course he found a few faults, but he said they were minor and could easily be fixed. All future scripts of mine will go to Capital Fund Screenplay Competition for the in depth analysis I know I’ll receive.

Joe Harold Koger

See Coverage sample here.

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