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About Our Screenplay Contest

The contest came about for a simple reason: writers want to sell their scripts and buyers that cut the check are the hardest people to get in front of- period. We are always meeting buyers out there looking for great scripts for movies, shorts and TV Pilots.

Our goal was to match writers up to film investors actively pursuing script acquisitions. Since 2014 we have been successfully collecting the best of the best screenplays and getting them directly into the hands of people that are buying movie scripts in Los Angeles and around the world.  Here’s how it happened….

In 2014, while we were attending AFM, Cannes and the Great American Pitchfest in the hopes of finding screenplays for a new film fund partner. Over and over, we heard the same message.

As writers pitched their screenplays to us, their excitement was palpable. Finally, they had an opportunity to pitch directly to the actual money people, instead of agents, managers and producers.

Often the biggest challenge for a writer is to get a script in front of the people who have the cash to buy it. Here’s why:

  • You’re a new writer with no connections in Los Angeles
  • You’re international and not sure where or how to get a foot in the door in Hollywood
  • You’re a student of film & screenwriting actively pursuing an agent
  • You’ve landed an agent and are experienced, but looking for new opportunities

All too often, scripts get passed through managers or agents, producers, actors, etc., all of whom must, in turn, pitch to the financiers that actually fund the major studio and independent films. And if you don’t have those film industry connections, it is even more challenging.

So, with the encouragement and deep collaboration of writers actually pitching to us on the other side of the table, this “contest” was born.  One Pitchfest attendee added, “Writers would sell their kidneys for a chance to enter a contest like that.”

Well, keep the kidneys; but give the absolute best script you have. Our screenwriting contest is looking for exceptional, entertaining scripts in any genre that appeal to a worldwide audience.

*Site images are from our teams actual Cannes Market Meetings

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Our Screenwriters Community

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Film Investment Partners / Community

Our movie investment partners are experienced industry professionals that believe in sharing their knowledge.  Hence some of the invaluable prizes our screenplay contest offers.

  • Script options and prize money.
  • One-on-one phone conferences with actual studio level investors and fund managers.
  • In person table reads and meetings with investor firms and private equity individuals.
  • The Hot 100 in the hands of script buyers
  • And much more, see all Prizes here.

Recent Film Financier Career Day in L.A. at Sierra Vista




Volunteering at the holiday charity care package assembly day.

Thank you to the screenwriters groups, investor partners and financial institutions that participate at each stage of this ever growing opportunity for talented writers.

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