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Capital Fund Screenplay Contest Winners & Testimonials

My thanks for creating the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition and giving us writers a way to get our work directly into the hands of those who love movies and also have the means to fund them. I feel this is one of the best run and most significant of any of the newer screenwriting competitions that have come along in recent years.

Lee Tidball

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With most screenwriting contests, you might win a few bucks and get a lot of “likes” on your Facebook page. With Capital Fund Screenwriting Competition, you get direct access to people who have money and are looking for scripts. Now that’s a winner’s contest!

Timothy Smith

North 40

Your initiative is visionary and extremely helpful to newcomers in the business. It’s exciting and informative and I highly commend and thank you for it.

Lynn Santer

Professor Midnight

IMDB link

Dear CFSC, I was so happy with the prize and it helped pay bills for sure but the real win was the option and working with the producer and investor learning the development ropes. Thank you for all the work you do in helping us reach goals that take years for so many if they are lucky enough to even get there.

Pat Fortes


Capital Fund Screenwriting Competition provides tremendous opportunities for developing screenwriters and their fulfillment as professionals.  By placing our work in the hands of investors and financiers around the world, CFSC leaps over the usual barriers to script marketing and sends promising scripts directly to the decision makers.  What a concept!

It is such an honor to win the professional table read award in the 2016 CFSC competition.  The event and the venue were wonderful.  Casting the key speaking roles was superb–my guests and I loved the actors and their performance of my screenplay.  Steve and Mike and other CFSC staff were helpful and encouraging, and they all made the table read a memorable event for everyone.   Thank you, CFSC staff and sponsors, for this great opportunity!

James C. Peters, Screenwriter

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My meeting with the film financier was amazing—some of the most valuable time I’ve ever spent as a screenwriter.  Not only did I learn a lot about his particular film fund and how they operate, but I also was very encouraged by the fact that not just he, but all the other fund managers that take part in this contest would be looking over my script and could contact me about it further if they wished any time in the weeks and months going forward.  Having my prize-winning material accessible like this to studio-level film fund and private equity managers who hold the most important key to getting any film actually made—the financing of it—is a prize of invaluable proportions and totally unique to the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition. Thanks so much, and I hope to participate much more in coming years.


Lee Tidball

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The table read was fantastic! With the producers, directors and investors there listening was access I could have never gotten on my own- and it was all set up for me hah. All I had to do was sit at the head of the room and feel like a star for the day with real industry people from the major studios at my side. Being on the Universal Studios backlot seeing major movies being filmed right on the stage next to ours inspired me even more to write my best material, these people are the ones I want to stay at their level. Thank you so much for opening those doors for me and starting that direct I can now have with them.

Adrianna Ott

Time Release

I know I’m just a short film writer but this experience has charged me up to jump into features. Meeting all the other writers at Warner was awesome and the contacts and consideration of the finance people is great.

Thank you,

Randy Evans

I was totally blown away by my financier. He was warm, helpful, and generous with information and guidance. I believe this was possibly the best possible prize for any contest winner. I feel that I learned a tremendous amount and made a valuable connection. This was a wonderful experience, particularly because the person I talked to was one of the people who judged my contest entries and remembered both of them. I should also say that the coverage notes I received (I requested feedback on one entry) was equally helpful, some of the best I’ve ever received in terms of providing useful guidance for improvement. Overall, this is a terrific contest with the potential to build careers.

Meg Leader


Thanks CFSC – superb. It was so informative to hear what a film investor thinks about my work because it is not something we often get to hear and that he’d been interested in reading more of my work really gave me a boost of confidence and confirmed that I am on the right path, as difficult as it is sometimes.

Persephone Vandegrift
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Project link

I wanted to thank the staff for helping me navigate meetings and calls with the

TV development execs I met with the finance firm. They were professional and concerned at all times. I’m excited to keep moving forward and appreciate the opportunity.

Ellen Reginale

Four by Twenty

G’day all,

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and thank you so much for providing the incredible platform for the writers, which lead for us to be invited to be part of their creative world they had imagined for years.

A Truly magical experience thank you.

If I end up going to MIP in the next couple of weeks, I will definitely be in touch or bump into you on La Croisette in Cannes  🙂

Best Regards,

Ratidzo Mambo

Financier Meeting Winners (Partial):

I was thrilled to speak with the financier, completely got my project…Thanks so much again for such a fabulous and productive competition!

Laurie Ashbourne

Animation Dept. The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, etc.

IMDB link

First, I want to thank you and everyone involved with the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition.   It’s turning into a wonderful opportunity and I hope something comes out of this that’ll make your people feel like I was a good choice.  I would also ask you to pass my thanks on to the financier with whom I had a terrific exchange today.  Not only a sharp guy, but supportive, constructive, and immensely understanding.

Again, my thanks to all.


Bill Mesce, Jr.

On behalf of myself and my co-writers, we want to thank you for the great opportunity to submit our script Trucker Chix to the contest and be read. To win in the Top Ten Finalists was beyond our hopes and then given the opportunity to speak with a Financial Professional was invaluable. He gave us such great enthusiastic feedback on our comedic story and told us how to present the script to get talent attached to it. His advice is invaluable and very generous. Your contest has been a life changing experience and look forward to submitting more material this year.

Thank you for giving Writers a great forum to present their work.

Susan Anlage

Trucker Chix

My finance professional meeting prize was both rewarding and enjoyable. I was amazed at the depth of knowledge and expertise shared with me. Very much appreciated is the unique opportunity the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition provides for screenwriters to speak directly with people who have  the money to fund project production.

Frances Presley Rice

IMDb link

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to speak to a financier. Our conversation was wonderful. Very informative and beneficial!  What a great idea!

Olga Rojer

Buenos Aires

Prof. German Film Studies, American University

It was really great to have the opportunity to talk with such a high profile professional. It’s not easy to have access to someone who really can make the difference to your career and I’m really glad about it.

Thank you.

Stefano Bozzo

I cannot thank you enough for this fantastic opportunity. We are so grateful. I would like to pass along a thank you e-mail to the financier for his time and his expertise on guiding us with our script. I’m in awe. We are so thankful of you.

Susan Anlage

Trucker Chix

Thank you very much. The executive was very approachable, easy to speak with and very interested in my script and what I had to say as a writer. I learned what his company was looking for, the interests of his investors and the direction they were looking to take. Very professional all around – thank you.

Jane Therese

Only A Brave Man

IMDB Pro link

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone for selecting my feature screenplay Seriah’s Legacy to be a part of the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that I was selected to be included in the Top 10, alongside the other great writers. This is an honor that words cannot describe. I am truly thankful and so very proud of everyone. When I received the news that I was selected and I would be given the chance to speak directly with a

financier I was both in awe and excited for this amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity. I have not known another film festival or competition that does this for their winning writers or filmmakers. I do believe that other competitions should follow your example. It is so very hard for writers to get to the next step in being able to talk to a financier, and I applaud you for what you are doing.

As I was speaking with the financier, during my phone conference, it was very easy for me to share my screenplay with him. He was both informative about the business of film financing and he gave me some great advice and insight. But he was also very interested in Seriah’s Legacy and her story. After speaking with him for just a few minutes I soon discovered that through his compassion for the screenplay’s message, belief in and understanding of why I needed to write her story, know that I will always be eternally grateful to him and to Capital Fund Screenplay Competition. You have made a difference and you have changed my life. I am looking forward to the day when I can share her story with the world.

Julie M Kaufmann

IMDB Pro link

The finance company rep requested synopses and art work for three of my projects to present to one of his contacts. He answered my other questions about the business in a thoughtful encouraging way. Thank you for providing this opportunity to speak with a seasoned industry professional.

Carol Lee Hall

Thank you very much for awarding me this opportunity! I am very humbled and honored to have my work recognized and praised by others.

The financier and I had a very enjoyable discussion of my project and my hopes and dreams for the script and again, I am very grateful to have had the chance to visit with him. He was incredibly kind and complimentary of my work and I appreciate his encouraging remarks.

Again, thank you all VERY much for this incredible honor.

Kindest regards,

Kirk Lohse

Not Yours to Give

I enjoyed it very much. Great insights shared! It was a “keep your eye on the ball,” session, stressing that if you want to work with investors, make it good for them… instead of just selling your no doubt excellent screenplay. I left the call feeling enthused, optimistic and ready to fire the after burners. That call made everything about CFSC more than worth it to me.

Philip C. Sedgwick

Visions of Sugar Plums

Member, Independent Writers Caucus (WGAw)

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