Selling a Screenplay

How To Sell A Screen Play

Selling a screenplay isn’t as easy as it sounds! A writer might have an excellent idea for a script, but until that script is written out, edited, re-edited, and maybe even edited again, they can’t get anywhere! The work must first come from the writer to do their best in writing a piece that is interesting, well thought-out, and plausible enough to turn into a production. Even with a certain audience in mind, it is not a guarantee that a screenplay will be sold. Advertising your screenplay is one of the first steps to getting your screenplay noticed and purchased.

One of the best ways to get on the right track with your screenplay is to enter a short screenplay contest. Not only will this give you the opportunity to gain feedback about your writing style and your ideas, but it is a platform for others to read your work and perhaps get into a conversation about selling your screenplay. One thing to remember is that contests are not the only way to sell a script, and although you may not win the contest, the experience and critique of your screenplay will help you to become a better writer and gauge your audiences more effectively in the future. Especially if the entries are open to the public or live events, you may be able to check out the work of others and find out what buyers are looking for.


A script writing contest is also another way to showcase your writing talents. Whether you are able to use your own original ideas for the contest or must follow guidelines for the contest about what the topic should be, writing something new is a great way to challenge your technique and even get out of your comfort zone and try a new style of writing that you might not have been inclined to create work from. Just like a screenplay contest, a script writing contest can get your style, ideas, and unique writing voice out there for others to see, and hopefully be impressed with.


Entering into a contest is a great way to keep you motivated in your writing while you are looking for opportunities to sell your work. The deadlines and the reviews can encourage you to make improvements to your other works, or inspire a completely new piece that may end up being your big seller. Keeping active in the writing community will also combat writer’s block and give you new ideas for what to keep, add, or remove from your scripts and screenplays. As an audience member for others’ work, you can support other writers, but still use their work as a backboard to compare ideas and find out what doesn’t work with certain audiences. Not only can you grow and develop by being in contest, but it can also be a lot of fun! Finding live and in-person events to attend, as well, can help you make friends with similar interests and network for better opportunities for your work.

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