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2015 Winners (2016, 2017 Below)

Winners Feedback

Finalists :

Of Wolves and Men- Robert O’neill (removed due to script sale)

Only A Brave Man- Jane Therese

London’s Heart- David Spratt

Buenos Aires- Olga Rojer

Professor Midnight- Lynn Santer

8 Prayers For Redemption- Aden Cardy Brown

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mother Teresa- Stefano Jay Bozzo

Trucker Chix- Susan Anlage

Isolate- ‘vid Buttaro

Jingletown- Dale Trujillo

Table Read Winner :

Abe Lincoln, Public Enemy No. 1

Bill Walker & Brian Anthony

Gold Circle Winners :

Two Rivers- Sanjay Pintah

Merit Men- Lance Reynolds Jr.

Time Release- Adrianna Ott

Silver Lining Winners :

You and Only You (Você e somente você)- Paulo Ortiz

Georgia Running- Lee Chun

Bronze Ball Winner :

The Night of Taverna- Patricia Curlings

Lucky 7 Genre Category Winners :

Comedy- Conflicted- David DeCicco

Action Adventure- The Last Pharaoh- Laurie Ashbourne

Family- My Fairy Godmother, The Q-bit Conspiracy- Lee Tidball

Historical- Death of a Mortal Woman- Persephone Vandegrift

Suspense Thriller/Horror- Carjack- Bill Mesce Jr

Sci-Fi/Fantasy- Antarctica- Marin Mandir

Drama- Cooper’s Promise- Timothy Jay Smith

Television Pilot Winner :

The Real Paul Hoffman- Anita North

The Hot 100 Winners

Compiled from this competition, a list sent to buyers and financiers around the world of the one-hundred most interesting scripts and their corresponding loglines, writer names and direct email contact.

1          The Importance of Being Randy        Edwin Heaven

2          Saigon Millions           Peter J Baldwin

3          The Grey Wolf            Michelle Daniel

4          Meet Cute       Matt McNevin

5          Quest for Light – Adventure of the Magi       Byron Anderson

6          Still in the Game         George R Flowers

7          Finding Jane    Virginia Shaffer

8          The Free Danny     Hadi Hajizadeh

9          The Cossack    Ronald McQueen

10        The Passerby   TG Minh Thanh

11        Mill Town       Brett Higginson

12        The Lowrie Gang        Andy Froemke

13        Moon With an R         Barbara Morris

14        Purgatory        Craig Charter

15        Fifth Columnist           Richard Duryea

16        Yellow Touch Red      Lauren Hoekstra

17        WERTZ          David DeCicco

18        SAMSON       Shawn Hoffman

19        Grace     Lynda Lemberg  Jeffrey Allen Russel

20        Dreamwalkers: Awakening     Michelle Daniel

21        Lost Fare         Rachel Reaugh

22        The Do Over   Marina Loos


24        Broken Molars            Siddharth Pandey

25        Sophie & Valentina     Lucy Luna

26        The Departure    Eric Fisher

27        (UN)LOCKED           Emma Mussoll

28        Lightning and Fire      Serita Stevens

29        The Great One: The Legend of Roberto Clemente    Carlos Joseph

30        Hidden              Shiva Ramanathan

31        The Big Idea   David J Schroeder

32        The 5   Gregg McBride

33        The Wingmen of Roque Bluff     Joshua Provonchee

34        SPACE      John Stobaugh

35        The Prince of North Beach     Tom Giuliano

36        Cornelius and Willow      Melissa L White

37        Reflection       Sam Khinn

38        The Lion’s Storyteller       Kate Dent

39        Spooner-for-Hire         Ourdia Hodge

40        School Number One   Jordan Dale

41        Lethal Level    Darren Yeboah

42        Bewitched       Eva Nelson

43        Throne: The Resurrection of Osiris     Jeffrey Marks

44        The Tribute      Mike Reid

45        Fair Play          Michael Pica

46        Shadow of the Mountain     Lauren Byrnes

47        Lake Of Fire   Mike Smith

48        VICTORIA THE FIRST        Bill Osinski

49        Medal of Honor          Duke Mulligan

50        The Flight of Souls     Guy Quigley

51        Loose Change     Alex Brooks

52        Sparrow on the Roof     Craig Lynn CLyde

53        BOTTOM TIME         Paul Murdock

54        THE WILDERNESS TREATMENT              Tom Cavanaugh

55        RED HATS    Michael Toay

56        Mr. The Fastest           Anton du Preez

57        Father Rennie       Bonnie Eaton

58        The Waking Hours      Sidney Clay

59        The Carolina Storyteller  Marcia Chandler Rhea, Margaret Ford Rogers

60        Rage n’ Redemption   Phil Faicco

61        Crazed Diversion        Federico Vicino

62        Kingdom of Men        T Olsen

63        GOLDEN STATE      Erik Moxcey

64        Beginnings and Bobby           Sean Coe

65        Moon Walkers      Elizabeth Appell

66        A DOGGONE CHRISTMAS              Michael Toay

67        7th SON          William Maurer

68        rob-the whino       Kevin Henderson

69        Chase The Roses         Jim Duncanson

70        Dream Vacay      Edward Leech

71        Stem of Evil    Neva Sanders-Dewey, Ph.D.

72        Break Even     Calvin Smith

73        JPEG   Greg OBraonain

74        Decked            Brent Hartinger

75        Heidi   Bill Hanan

76        The Interrogation of Ike Tully    Philip C Sedgwick

77        The 49th Day      Craig Peters

78        The Last Indian War   Michael Graf

79        Infinity                 Chris Bonneau

80        Wink for Me   Nattalia Lea

81        The LAST DYNASTY           Tamuel A Dorsey Jr

82        Beyond The Great Wall          Landy Patricia Aguilar

83        The Fundraiser            Russell Nelson

84        Julie 2.0           Dwayne Conyers

85        I Want A Man     Sylvia W Allen

86        Parental Betrayal         Shirley V Morgan

87        Only 16 Miles     Eric Fisher

88        The Green Light          Graeme Black

89        The C.O.         Bob Messinger

90        The Cult          Joseph A Weiss

91        Red Crucible   Ira Altman

92        BEYOND THE ASHEN MOON      Victor Grippi

93        MAJOR PLAYERS   A Demetrius Glenn

94        A CLOUD      Roger Delmont

95        Fin Chaser       Maria Cozzi

96        Corrupciòn      Clark D Schaefer

97        North 40          Timothy Jay Smith

98        Mean of Life   Bruce Golde

99        Bad Guys Wear White            Gena Barnett

100      A Vision of Angels     Timothy Jay Smith

2016 Winners

Finalists :

Broken And Entered       William B Keller

North 40                        Timothy Jay Smith

The Life of Dreams         Kevin Scrantz & Peter Devonald

Immortal Quest               Harry Burrus

Not Yours To Give           Christopher Kirk Lohse

The Brightest                  Thomas Allen

Seriah’s Legacy                Julie M Kaufmann

Into the Silent Deep         Marci Sohan

Mordecai: Based on the Old Testament Book of Esther  Carol Lee Hall

Sweep                             Matthew Bruce Barr

Table Read Winner :

Mr High and Mighty        James C Peters

Gold Circle Winners :

The Arc of Noah- Sean Leonard

Zebra- Pat Fortes

Mark of the Dawn- Anju Weptu

Silver Lining Winners :

Beijing Buddha- Feng Pei Pei

Sitting Still- Ann Coters

Bronze Ball Winner :

Once upon a Penny Shop- Fekil Armandi

Lucky 7 Genre Category Winners :

Comedy- Bingo King,      Jason Skorski

Action Adventure- Go Catch the Devil,    Martin Blinder

Family- The Moonbeam Fisherman,        John Dummer

Historical- Oscar Micheaux – The Czar of Black Hollywood,  Frances Presley Rice

Suspense Thriller/Horror- Buttercup,      Russell A Johnson

Sci-Fi/Fantasy- Wingman,             Meg Leader

Drama- Visions of Sugar Plums,     Philip C Sedgwick

Television Pilot Winner :

Four by Twenty, Ellen Reginale

Short Film Script Winner :

Ready for Randy, Randy Evans

The Hot 100 Winners

Compiled from this competition, a list sent to buyers and financiers around the world of the one-hundred most interesting scripts and their corresponding loglines, writer names and direct email contact.

1             Greenhats          Tj King

2             Terratoo – Return To Earth           Joe Harold Koger

3             The City Of One Hundred Spires                Mark L Feinsod

4             Citizen Hussein Thomas Allen

5             The Last Lifeboat              Luke Yankee

6             A Labour of Love              Olga Holtz

7             Glory & Honor   Joe Cameron

8             SNOWMAN        James C Peters

9             Grandma Dee and the Lost Continent    Mark Perlick

10           Beautiful Angel David Ho

11           THE CURE            Martin Blinder

12           D-DAY   Dezera Page

13           Aves      Daniel L. Burke

14           Facelift 51            Philip C Sedgwick

15           HALFWAY HOME              David J Schroeder

16           mis-Adventures of Judy Sibling  gary White

17           Blackstone          Myself, the screenwriter.

18           An Undocumented Rumor          Philip C Sedgwick

19           Gunnison            Daniel Duane

20           FALLING               Martin Blinder

21           My Days with Telep        Marin Mandir

22           DIAMOND SOUL               Crescendo Ward

23           Out Loud             Gloria Ann Smith

24           A DANGEROUS CROSSING           Bill Mitchell

25           Nola’s Fortune  Heather Morrell

26           A Bodyguard of Lies        Stefano Bozzo

27           Olivia And The Mystery William B Keller

28           Someone Is Here             William B Keller

29           MELISA’S RED LINE IN MEMPHIS               Frances Presley Rice

30           The Catalyst       Taonga Chundu

31           Conundrum        Marcus Marshall

32           The Outskirts of Paradise             Montgomery Burt

33           The Miracle of Nautilus Jianqiu Zhang

34           Writing The End                MASSIMILIANO MAUCERI

35           Frankie and Fabulous     Kimberly J Shumate

36           Charlee & CJ’s Fair           Chris Robertsson

37           Dreamwalkers   RICHARD D DUBOSE

38           LEGACY                Marc W Johnson

39           Blood and Vengeance    Ron Chepesiuk

40           They Never Left               Patrick Hludzenski

41           GET BERTY           Paul Mottishaw

42           Themis Mark A Sercye

43           The Mercenary King       Tamuel A Dorsey Jr

44           Trojan Horse      Jasmine Acquaah

45           The Caddy           Carroll Brown

46           JUSTICE IN HELL                Alex Krivocheev

47           Streisand Effect                Josep Miquel Jové

48           My Death Approaches Thee       RICHARD D DUBOSE

49           When our cherry tree is in bloom             Mariana Buric

50           The Nightmare Halls       Olivier Rongione

51           Erkermer             Stacy Waymack Thornton

52           Life Is Not Always Easy  James M Denton

53           INTO THE SILENT              Marci Sohan

54           LOST CAUSE       David J Schroeder

55           The Metaphors Of The Heart      Dr Paul G Paseli

56           The Boy on the Cover    Elizabeth Savage Sullivan

57           A Legend From The Far East        Bui Quoc Liem

58           It’s Not Always What It Seems   Lorraine Flett

59           Ranger Creed    Travis Opgenorth

60           Loyalty to the Barn          VanLear Blackwell

61           A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement         Mark L Feinsod

62           Sentinels of Tzurac          James Raven

63           White Sage         Sean Freelon

64           SELMA & CHARLENE       Melanie Schiele

65           ‘Shiner  Jenna Payne

66           THE FALLING      Martin Blinder

67           WHITE KNIGHT  Susan Feehan

68           The Republic of Bensonville        Kent Probst

69           Meet and Greet               Rick Kneisley

70           Timeshare Vacation        Jon Duff

71           Five Sisters         Arnie Zelkovitz

72           When The Bass Drops    Marlene Rhein

73           Christmas in Beverly Hills              Mara Virabov

74           Crazy Charlie      Ron Chepesiuk

75           STEALING BUDDHA         Martin Blinder

76           Play Ball                Pete Natale

77           Odds     Ivan Efremov

78           The Cloudburst Rajesh Naiksatam

79           The Cuban Circuit             Pamela Jaye Smith

80           Empty Ocean     Hadi Hajizadeh

81           The Death’s Source         Yacine Staali

82           The Nephilim     Scott Barrett

83           Radio Haiti           Myke Friscia


85           The Interpreter’s Son     Constance Hasapopoulos

86           Outside Meridian             Martin Ponferrada

87           Aristocratic Enslaver       SD Wells

88           Lumina Explodes              Roy Stewart

89           Humanity: Extinct!           Meg Leader

90           The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff    Nancy Bartley

91           ‘In Our Backyards”           Robert Severs

92           The Byte Club    Jerry Nichols

93           The Rise and Fall of Robert Johnson        Jeffrey Abelson

94           The Empty Sea  David Poulshock

95           Bullock  Rick Ward

96           The Appointment            Mark A Sercye

97           Never See Me   Frederik Tomms

98           Over her Head  Yole Babaar

99           White Fields       Vajit Nasir

100         Bar None             Rosh Mutelik

2017 Winners

Finalists :

Breakthrough                    Paul Littell

Empress of Freedom      Birgit Mueller

Knowing Valentine          Chilli Kippen

The Law of First Night     Laurie McLay

A Fire in the Mind            Ken White

The 12 DIAZ of Christmas  Judy Belshe Toernblom

Parousia                               Todd Sorrell

Oedipus Millennial           Peggy Bruen

LaLa Love Dream              Chi Hsiu Chen

Children of Coal                Kim Standring Jacobs

Table Read Winner :

Dream Go Home              Reliant Williams

Gold Circle Winners :

Red Winds                           Sean Adamson

She Came Running           Nitya Niptha

Point Taken                        Quinn Remos

Silver Lining Winners :

Chicago Burning                George Thamopoulos

Favorite Suns                     Tank Stevens

Bronze Ball Winner :

Cell Phone Frenzy            Sophia Lin

Lucky 7 Genre Category Winners :

Comedy- Touch the Fire               Kevin Karp

Action Adventure- Go Catch the Devil     Martin Blinder

Family- One More Sleep              Robert Drusetta

Historical- Jezebel                          Marina Albert

Sci-Fi/Fantasy- Black Ink Pearl     Ruth Finnegan

Drama- Welcome to the Jungle  Lawrence Lewyn

Suspense Thriller/Horror- Fuzzy Buddies      Sean McGillivary, Jack Impellizzeri

Television Pilot Winner :

Lady McBirth                      Pat Soo

Short Film Script Winner :

Coconut Grove                  Jessica Malton

The Hot 100 Winners

Compiled from this competition, a list sent to buyers and financiers around the world of the one-hundred most interesting scripts and their corresponding loglines, writer names and direct email contact.

1              Trump, the Musical         Derek Regensburger

2              Diminuendo                       Paul Gross

3              The Obsolete Child          Stefano Jay Bozzo

4              Depraved New World     Hiram Taylor

5              SIGOTS                         Peter BIsson, Jason Medburry and Mike Korich

6              Red Rain                               Christopher Robertsson

7              MOUNT OLIVE                   Hanz Wasserburger, James C Peters

8              NUMBER ONE RULE!       John Alarid

9              Purified                                 Elizabeth Savage Sullivan

10           Floyd the Ninja                  Jason Skorski

11           PSYCHIC WARRIORS        John Alarid

12           FEI JI                                      James C Peters

13           THE GOD HELMET            Meg Leader

14           Syvertsen’s Complex      Marni Sullivan

15           Princess Reborn                 Lee Tidball

16           RUN & GUN                        Cody Glenn

17           Beyond the Horizon        George Ferris

18           The Real Estate Rookie  Robert Boog

19           Black Leopard                    Thivanka R Perera

20           POTUS GAMES                  Sandy Steers

21           Monday, Wednesday and Friday               George M Lewis

22           The Proteus Effect           Andy Froemke

23           The Solomon Power, Part 1          Steffany Sommers

24           Dead Ringer                        Electric Hilton

25           ROCK AND ROLL DREAM               Chi Hsiu Chen

26           PAPER TRAIL                       Russ Meyer

27           Webbed                              Robert Drusetta

28           PARIS TERRACE                 Kevin C Wilson

29           SELLOUT                              Robert Chimento

30           THE SYBIL OF THE RHINE               Michael Pallotta

31           Love and War                     Martin Blinder

32           Memorial                            Paul Locander

33           FROM GOD AND FAMILY I DESCEND         Josephine Pulu Bezzina

34           My Summer Wine            Marina Albert

35           It Is Time              Ken Kimble

36           The Company Race          Janice Leverett

37           CANAL STREET                   Allen Gutterman

38           The Fresh Zulus: The Krown         Richard David Raybourne

39           Lumina Explodes              Roy Stewart

40           Trapped                               Martin Blinder

41           Sentinel Event                   Daniel Stewart Levy

42           GP1 Miniclones                 Renaud Kolb

43           The Sacred and Profane Malcolm Wong

44           Space Racer                        Erik H Bernard, Lyndon Tait

45           Run. Catch. Kill.                 Pete Klein

46           The Master’s Will              Serita D Stevens, James Potts

47           The Devil Went Down To Georgia              James M Denton

48           False Targets                      Chelese Belmont

49           Operation HOA                 Jon Duff

50           VICTORIA THE FIRST        Bill Osinski

51           Double Vengeance          Christopher Blackwell

52           A WOLF AT THE DOOR   Douglas Rappaport

53           Drone Wars: Redemption             Peter Stevens

54           DEAD BEAT                         Karen Bynoe

55           The Minstrel                      Todd Sorrell

56           Maggie’s Table                  Deirdre Doran

57           Soul of the Sphinx            William Hodges

58           Safety in Numbers           Litza Bixler

59           Donald’s Block Party       Matt Rhoden

60           SUICYCLE RACERS             LC Cragg

61           NEXT GEN                           Carolyn Kras

62           JACK SCRATCH                   Cody Glenn

63           Strange Attractors           Patrick W Hatten

64           MERCY                            George M Lewis

65           RAINBOWS AND SILVER BUCKLES              Stuart Schulz

66           Mrs. Arnold                        Martin Blinder

67           DEADBOYZ                          Julian Brantley, Alexander Storm

68           Saving God                         Martin Blinder

69           Avery Peak                         John Day

70           Rise 2.0                                 Thomas James Dudley

71           “2091: The Aura”             Harry D Hooten

72           Love Denied                       Roi Costa

73           SPPU (Sold Pending Pick Up)       Katherine Andrews

74           SHAOLIN WOLF-MAN (A True Story)        Tom Freyer

75           Compromised   Tad Devlin           Heidi Ayarbe

76           A Coup’ of Sorts Howard Rosenzweig

77           Terra Wars                          Xinghua Sun

78           Mindjack                             James Hickey

79           The King from Ashtabula               Daniel Radakovich, Vern Sneider

80           THE THREE MUSKETEENS             Christopher Plain

81           Intervention 27                 Lesley Kontowicz

82           Sleeping With Dogs         Sherrie Sanet

83           The Forgiveness Dance  Judy Belshe Toernblom

84           The Proving Grounds      Michael Boyd

85           SOLO: REMEMBERING WILEY POST           Amy Helm Berkenbile

86           Enemyway                          Patricia K Meyer

87           THE OUTCRY                      Bruno Borello

88           The Clench of the Claw  Bosco Kim

89           The Butt Faced Vampire Scott Bell

90           Smile, You’re On Camera!    Juliette Garrigues, Brunella Steger, Marie Le Pennec

91           Foxed                                   James Stewart

92           Alpha                                    Nicolas Hinze

93           Fluke                                     Martin Blinder

94           Two Harbors                      Jim Macak

95           Making Olivia                     Josie Kaye

96           BackLash                              Jeffrey Abelson

97           The Exchange                    Juliette Garrigues

98           Hills                                        Pierre Mezerette

99           A DOGGONE CHRISTMAS             Michael Toay, Travis Mann

100         THE FACTION                     Kevin Karp

My thanks for creating the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition and giving us writers a way to get our work directly into the hands of those who love movies and also have the means to fund them. I feel this is one of the best run and most significant of any of the newer screenwriting competitions that have come along in recent years.

Lee Tidball

IMDB link

My phone conference with the film financier was amazing—some of the most valuable time I’ve ever spent as a screenwriter.  Not only did I learn a lot about his particular film fund and how they operate, but I also was very encouraged by the fact that not just he, but all the other fund managers that take part in this contest would be looking over my script and could contact me about it further if they wished any time in the weeks and months going forward.  Having my prize-winning material accessible like this to studio-level film fund and private equity managers who hold the most important key to getting any film actually made—the financing of it—is a “prize” of invaluable proportions and totally unique to the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition. Thanks so much, and I hope to participate much more in coming years.


Lee Tidball

IMDb Pro link

Thanks CFSC – the phone call was superb. It was so informative to hear what a film investor thinks about my work because it is not something we often get to hear and that he’d been interested in reading more of my work really gave me a boost of confidence and confirmed that I am on the right path, as difficult as it is sometimes.

Persephone Vandegrift
IMDb link

Project link

I was thrilled to speak with the financier, completely got my project…Thanks so much again for such a fabulous and productive competition!

Laurie Ashbourne

Animation Dept. The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, etc.

IMDB link

First, I want to thank you and everyone involved with the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition.   It’s turning into a wonderful opportunity and I hope something comes out of this that’ll make your people feel like I was a good choice.  I would also ask you to pass my thanks on to the financier with whom I had a terrific telephone exchange today.  Not only a sharp guy, but supportive, constructive, and immensely understanding.

Again, my thanks to all.


Bill Mesce, Jr.

I found the investor extremely thorough and invaluable when it came to advice on our next steps to push our film to production. His knowledge base was reassuring and his step by step approach refreshing.

Luke Tristan Haines

For Robert O’neill

IMDB link

On behalf of myself and my co-writers, we want to thank you for the great opportunity to submit our script Trucker Chix to the contest and be read. To win in the Top Ten Finalists was beyond our hopes and then given the opportunity to speak with a Financial Professional was invaluable. He gave us such great enthusiastic feedback on our comedic story and told us how to present the script to get talent attached to it. His advice is invaluable and very generous. Your contest has been a life changing experience and look forward to submitting more material this year.

Thank you for giving Writers a great forum to present their work.

Susan Anlage

Trucker Chix

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to speak to a financier. Our conversation was wonderful. Very informative and beneficial!  What a great idea!

Olga Rojer

Buenos Aires

Prof. German Film Studies, American University

It was really great to have the opportunity to talk with such a high profile professional. It’s not easy to have access to someone who really can make the difference to your career and I’m really glad about it.

Thank you.

Stefano Bozzo

Your initiative is visionary and extremely helpful to newcomers in the business. It’s exciting and informative and I highly commend and thank you for it.

Lynn Santer

Professor Midnight

IMDB link

I cannot thank you enough for this fantastic opportunity. We are so grateful. I would like to pass along a thank you e-mail to the financier for his time and his expertise on guiding us with our script. I’m in awe. We are so thankful of you.

Susan Anlage

Trucker Chix

The financier was just great and he was very kind to me being disabled from the Vietnam war with a hearing problem.  He allowed me to express to him everything about my script Jingletown, and hear about its potential at the box office, thank you to him for his time and understanding.

Dale Trujillo


Thank you very much. The executive was very approachable, easy to speak with and very interested in my script and what I had to say as a writer. I learned what his company was looking for, the interests of his investors and the direction they were looking to take. Very professional all around – thank you.
Jane Therese

Only A Brave Man

IMDB Pro link

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