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Why Enter Our Screenplay Contest?

Here’s the breakdown of what happens for our screenplay winners:

  • Land an opportunity to sell your script.
  • Get your movie made.
  • Launch your career (and get you an agent).

When you enter, your screenplay gets a direct read and scored by film investors and film funds that make movies. They now have your script in mind as a potential buy or option from that very first day and for years to come, not just during the season you entered. That’s a unique value this screenplay contest has for all levels of writers trying to figure out how to sell a movie script. And the Hot 100 list goes out every season before the major film markets and investor meetings to even more financiers than all those that had an early chance to see it upon entry.

You don’t have to buy a ticket to fly to Los Angeles, New York, Cannes, Berlin, Shanghai, or anywhere else, to connect with film investment companies. We do all the work for you.

Enter now

When you enter our screenplay competition, you bypass the query letters, the pitch meetings, the agents and managers, the phone calls, endless emails and the independent producers who then still have to overcome the biggest hurdle and solicit funding.

If you have an agent, the competition gives you the opportunity to move your own career and put your Feature, TV Pilot or Short Film screenplay in front of the people your agent may not ever be able to get in front of. Other screenwriting contests don’t have this ability.

Our independent and studio film investors are actively buying screenplays. If you are interested in selling a movie script, the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition is where to begin.

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Take it from one of our recent winners:

My conference with the film financier was amazing—some of the most valuable time I’ve ever spent as a screenwriter.  Not only did I learn a lot about his particular film fund and how they operate, but I also was very encouraged by the fact that not just he, but all the other fund managers that take part in this contest would be looking over my script and could contact me about it further if they wished any time in the weeks and months going forward.  Having my prize-winning material accessible like this to studio-level film fund and private equity managers who hold the most important key to getting any film actually made—the financing of it—is a “prize” of invaluable proportions and totally unique to the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition. Thanks so much, and I hope to participate much more in coming years.


Lee Tidball

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